Alberto Grand // ECO3

Professional Music Producer / DJ / Remixer Based In Miami.

His passion for music begins in Majadahonda, Spain on a local cultural radio station (106.3 FM). The first residence as a DJ was at Top Bar and New Toft in 1987, both in Madrid, and also other locations like Graff, Pass Pass, El Anden, and many others.

In 1989, Alberto returns to Venezuela, where he gets the chance to play on big clubs like Palladium, The Punch, Platinum Club, Cocktail, Camelot, Zig Zag, La Mirage, Club New York New York, and Ice Palace. Ice Palace was a famous club, renowned for its sound system: 12,000 watts in nine meters squared. In 1996, the dream to play for a long season on board of the Ms. Sensation and Ms. Fascination from Carnival Cruise Lines (from Miami, FL to Puerto Rico) became a reality.

In 2000, his career as an electronic music producer began.

In 2004, Alberto started as an instructor at the Scratch DJ Academy in Caracas, Venezuela.

During his time in Caracas, Alberto worked at famous places of the Caracas night life, like Oasis South Beach, Ocean Blue, Sutras, Tabu Ultra Lounge, and many private events. Later on, he opened his own DJ Academy at Sabana Grande, Venezuela, where he offered basic, advanced, and professional techniques of DJ mixing as specialization on turntables and specific styles of music at Truedjing Academy since 2005.

In 2007, he opened his own record label, Truedjing Records.

DJ Grand Also had play at Love Parade Venezuela 2008 under the House style line up.

After moving to the U.S., Alberto performed at Eros Lounge in Miami from 2015-2017. He also performed at the Sentir Venezuela EXPO 2015. Alberto participated at the Miami Music Conference Catalina (2016).

His list of radio appearances is also vast, playing at dRadio (Greece), Super Musica Radio (Chile), and Club Retro House Radio (Venezuela), and BodoRadio.com (Venezuela).

In 2016, DJ Grand became ECO3, combining both his DJ and production career under a new name.

Up until now, Eco3 has currently published over 15 albums (not including singles), and 4 under the new name. The previous ones in 2019: “Sky”, “Blur”.

The last albums released in 2021: “The Return of Acid”, “Synonymous” & “Carbon”.

This is Eco3.